DJ NYLon has predominately DJed in London and New York. Now you know how he got his name you should also know that DJ NYLon has been DJing since 1998, from University campuses and bars to nightclubs and lounges to private parties and events and even the odd boat here and there, playing everything from 80's, 90's and naughties classics to indie and rock to hip-hop, R&B and commercial dance music. To get a little idea of the type of tunes he'll play (a very small sample, much more available on request) check out the links on the "In The Mix" tab. 

DJ NYLon does not scowl and look disinterested while he's DJing. He won't laugh at your requests and will always be professional and make sure that everyone is having a good time. He's grateful to be playing music for a living and knows that the reason people go to parties and clubs is to shake their asses and have fun. So if you want to hear/tap your feet/dance to some fantastic tunes and genuinely be able to say that a DJ saved your life then you should absolutely book DJ NYLon for your club, party or event.